1. Read this in the Daily Cal.

“Introduced by Assemblymember Scott Wilk, R-Santa Clarita, the “New University of California” will not provide any instruction but only grant degrees to students who pass a certain number of examinations”  

2. Outrage!  

3. Notice the date, April 1.  Have a good chuckle.

5.  Find the text of Assembly Bill 1306 online

(d) (1) The New University of California shall provide no
instruction, but shall issue college credit and baccalaureate and
associate degrees to any person capable of passing examinations.

5a.    :-/



Actually, I can see where something like this could be useful; it’s like a state-sponsored version of CLEP.  The problem is pretending that tests are substitutes for classes.  What college graduates come out with is not just content knowledge; it’s having stuck something out for four years, even when it was difficult or boring.  Content knowledge is great, but without impulse control it’s not worth much.

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