The audiobook of The Musubi Murder is now in production!

My original plan was to draw on our local theatrical talent (much of which is truly world-class!) to record the audiobook. However, I was not able to find a facility locally that would be available for the many hours of recording and production required.

So I put the project up on ACX and reached out to several local voiceover artists. All of the auditions that came in were quite good, and each artist brought something special to the reading.

In the end, I made an offer to Nicole Gose, and I’m thrilled to say that she has accepted and started production.

Voiceover artist Nicole Gose

Molly Barda, The Musubi Murder’s narrator and main character, is a big-city girl from the mainland who finds herself living and working in rural Hawaii. Nicole portrayed Molly perfectly, capturing Molly’s fish-out-of-water situation with humility, humor, and a touch of snark. Nicole also accomplished the impressive feat of switching back and forth between mainland pronunciation and Hawaiian Creole/Pidgin, giving each character a distinctive and believable voice.

Nicole was born and raised in Hawaii and is now living on the West Coast. She is an accomplished voiceover artist, with a client list that includes Apple, Disney, and Dish Network. Nicole has voiced national and international commercial and radio spots, as well as political campaigns.

We are working toward an early December release so that the audiobook will be available for holiday gift giving. The Musubi Murder is the perfect gift for Hawaii expatriates, disillusioned academics, and anyone with a really long commute.

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