Calling this a “recipe” might be a little grandiose, but it’s a great way to get a main dish going with minimal effort and maximal deliciousness.

What we call pork butt is actually the shoulder.

Know Your Pig Parts

1) Buy a pork butt. It will probably be somewhere in the 5-10 pound range. If you’re lucky enough to have locally raised pork available, go for it! If you can get a bone-in butt, you’ll get the benefit of all of that glycine, proline, and other bone-y benefits.

2) Drop the pork butt into your slow cooker.

You should have a slow cooker in your kitchen. I like the latching cover for potluck-friendly portability, and the shallow oval shape for access to the food.

3) Dump Montreal Steak Seasoning all over it.  Make sure it’s on all the surfaces.

You should always have some of this around.

4) Put the slow cooker on medium or auto and leave it to cook until it’s fork-tender, about 8 hours.

4a) Obligatory Spam reference: Leftovers can be pan-fried until crispy in the same pan as diced Spam for maximum pork-y goodness.


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