Here’s your chance to pick up a book by one of our great local authors:

After Dawn by Justina Taft

Hawaii by Mark Panek

They Die Alone, by Christopher Bartley

Or, preorder The Musubi Murder

Or if you’re looking for a classic, or nonfiction, there are many other great ways to spend this coupon:

Make Way for Lucia

“Mrs. Emmeline Lucas (Lucia to her friends) is the recently-widowed newcomer to the village of Tilling, eager to wrest the reins of social supremacy from the incumbent Miss Elizabeth Mapp and to install herself as its benevolent dictator. In their polite acts of sabotage, as they ruthlessly jockey for the position of cultural arbiter, Mapp and Lucia tear up the conventions of drawing-room diplomacy and enter a protracted conflict using fêtes, garden parties, musical soirées, and bridge evenings as their deadly weapons.” (From the publisher).

This volume contains five Mapp and Lucia novels.



Thus Was Adonis Murdered

Sarah Caudwell is “Without doubt, one of the funniest crime writers – ever!” — Mike Ripley, author of author of the award-winning ‘Angel’ comedy thrillers.



The Blood of an Englishman

The latest in the Agatha Raisin series. I admit, it took me about halfway through “The Quiche of Death” before I warmed up to the prickly Agatha, but after that I was hooked.



Nonfiction pick: Illustrated Special Relativity Through its Paradoxes

The Deluxe Edition includes a 20-second experiment that allows the reader to measure the speed of light using any kitchen microwave!




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