The Musubi Murder audiobook is almost done. You’d think that I’d know my own manuscript pretty well by now, but:

Now what?

1. That whole “said” issue really took me by surprise. My producer has gone back and clipped out the unnecessary “said”s and now the dialog flows more smoothly.  It wasn’t bad before, but those small edits make a big difference.

2. The humor in the book is broader than I realized. I thought I had written a low-key meditation on academic life, and I found myself listening to a boisterous comedy. The written word is quiet. I think this is where Confessions of a Shopaholic (a book that I found very entertaining) ran into trouble in the movie adaptation. The main character’s compulsive shopping and prevaricating was amusing in print, but on the big screen, many viewers couldn’t bring themselves to laugh at untreated addiction and compulsive lying.

3. You can start with a perfectly flawless manuscript, but if you let it sit too long on your hard drive, tiny typos will start to appear spontaneously. This is less an observation about my own particular book and more a law of nature, so there is no point in assigning blame.

Frankie Bow’s first novel, THE MUSUBI MURDER , is available at,, and iTunes.

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