Bob Mayer has ten great tips for authors looking to produce an audiobook via ACX.

I’ll add one more: send your producer/narrator a character table. This should include each character with name, age, speech characteristics, and photograph.

This is a screenshot of the character table I sent to Nicole.

The visible photo is the main character’s love interest Donnie. I didn’t have much luck finding a plausible photo of a handsome local businessman of Hawaiian-Portuguese descent in his early 40s. This “Donnie” is a ‘shopped composite of a football player and two male models.

The other characters were much easier to find, popping up in the first page of Google search results with simple search terms like “accounting major,” “middle aged man aloha shirt,” and “mug shot neck tattoo.”

Frankie Bow’s first novel, THE MUSUBI MURDER , is available at,, and iTunes.

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