Honey bees are crucial for over 90 crops grown in the United States. Apocephalus borealis, also known as the “Zombie Fly,”  parasitizes and kills honey bees.

ZomBee Life Cycle – Click to enlarge (warning: gross)

As the larvae grow and infect the bees’ brains, the bees become disoriented, walking in circles or standing motionless. Infected bees often act like zombies, leaving their hives at night and sometimes abandoning the hives completely.

Check https://www.zombeewatch.org/ for progress on sightings of Zombie Bees, and to find out how you (yes, you!) can help track the spread of the Zombie Fly.

Remember, First they came for the bees, and I did not speak out—
Because I was not a bee…

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Mystery Author Frankie Bow

You can help to track Zombie Bees.  Or…”ZomBees”

[John Hafernik, a professor of biology at San Francisco State University, and his colleagues] have launched ZomBeeWatch.org, a citizen science project that allows people to help them track suspicious bee behavior and collect specimens.


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