Today I’m over at Library of Erana, talking about four things that surprised me as I was producing my first audiobook.

Number one: My narrator managed to impersonate me, without ever having heard my voice. I still haven’t figured out how she did that, but I think she’s going to tell all in a post of her own.

Frankie Bow’s first novel, THE MUSUBI MURDER , is available at,, andiTunes.


Library of Erana

Today I am pleased to welcome Frankie Bow. She has just released an audio book with narrator Nicole Gose, and Frankie has joined us to tell us what she has learned from the experience.

Over to you Frankie:

I’ve just released my audiobook, The Musubi Murder. It’s the first campus murder mystery set in Hawaii. The experience was great, and as of this writing I’m happy to report a 4.5 star rating on ten reviews on Audible.

There were some surprises along the way. Here are are four things that I didn’t expect:

  1. My narrator managed to impersonate me, without ever having heard my voice.Several friends, to whom I’ve gifted copies of the audiobook, have told me that they thought I was the narrator. I am not the narrator. That role was filled by Nicole Gose, a talented voice artist from Hawaii. The thing is, Nicole recorded the chapters without having…

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