Self-Published Novelist Defamed In-Laws in €53k Payout Case | The Independent Publishing Magazine.

“Brígida was portrayed as a loose woman who was unfaithful to her husband, António. It was said that Floro had done his son out of his money, visited prostitutes, had extra-marital affairs and died of Aids. His wife, Inocência, was described as an ambitious, extravagant, tight-fisted, mean, avaricious and calculating woman who abandoned him on his death bed and had an affair with Floro’s brother.

Aurora was portrayed as a coarse-looking woman with bad breath. Rogério, an agent of the secret police under Salazar’s regime, was described as having had about a hundred political opponents imprisoned. His daughter, Beatriz, was portrayed as a debauched and licentious woman and a bad mother.

Imaculada was depicted as a woman of loose morals who would stop at nothing to get rich, including killing her father (Floro).”

Well, thank goodness that’s all taken care of. I’m sure that after learning about this, people will forget all about the book, and not try to find it or buy it or anything.

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