Disclaimer: I realize that in a sparsely-populated area, online education can be the only option a student has. I also realize that some of my fellow Miserians teach online, and are putting a great deal of effort into making the online experience as valuable as possible for their students. Any ire and snark are properly directed toward those administrators, trustees, and anecdote-besotted pundits who seem convinced that online education is either a magical money multiplier, or simply a trend not to be missed out on

Inside Higher Ed reports a study out of California that compared students enrolled in online classes and their face to face equivalents.

The researchers found online students lagging behind face-to-face students in three critical areas:

  • Completing courses (regardless of grade).
  • Completing courses with passing grades.
  • Completing courses with grades of A or B.

Read the rest over at College Misery, Higher Education’s Premier Online Publication ™>>

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