Simulcasting: Technical Considerations

I’ve been looking for a better way to duplicate full WordPress posts (not just summaries) in Blogger. EDIT: The Blogspot posts are still appearing truncated. Still working on it…

The Sound of One Hand Typing

The other day I promised I would share some technical considerations with simulcasting your WordPress blog on Blogger (the original article was here).

As I demonstrated in that article, the idea was to have IFTTT pick up the WordPress post and create a new post on Blogger, and I said that it usually works. The fact is, sometimes you’ll create a post using WordPress, and when it gets over to Blogger, the post is empty. You get the header and the tags/labels, but you don’t get the actual post.

I’ve already gone into some detail about why this is happening, so read that post if you’re interested in why. The upshot is, if you want to embed pictures with captions, you can’t use the “Add Media” button in the post editor to add them. IFTTT is aware of the problem; they wrote me back on Friday, and told…

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7 thoughts on “Simulcasting: Technical Considerations

  1. I had trouble replying to your comment from yesterday, where you asked how I get both of them to work. Here’s what I was going to say…

    Take a look at my IFTTT recipe (#19191972). This recipe runs automatically whenever I post something to WordPress. What it’s doing is pulling the HTML code from WP and using it to build the post on Blogger.

    I set up a couple of test blogs (one WP, one Blogger) and a test ID on IFTTT to test mine and see what it was doing. I have another IFTTT recipe that writes the HTML from my WP posts to a text file in Dropbox (it appends posts to the same text file until the file is 2MB, then starts a new one). It helps to see what’s happening and what’s being passed back and forth.

    What is the URL of your Blogger blog? I’d like to see what’s going on.

    1. Aloha John, it’s Thanks for all of the work you’ve done on this–I’m looking forward to hearing your thoughts!

      1. Weird… If you could, publish the IFTTT recipe (bring up your recipes, select the edit button [the pencil], click the publish button [on the right of the edit screen], fill in the next screen, and publish) and tell me what the recipe number is. I’ll copy it and try it myself.

      2. Been tied up a couple of days, and just got a chance to look at this.

        This is really strange. I can’t see anything you’re doing differently than I am, but clearly what’s being passed to Blogspot is not what came from WordPress.

        Do you have a Dropbox account? I have another IFTTT recipe (17437983) that writes the WordPress HTML out to a text file in Dropbox. The contents are what should be passed to Blogger. Set up the recipe with your blog and your Dropbox and put a test post out there. When it runs, compare it to the contents of the Blogger post.

        I notice that your most recent post to WordPress was shipped to Blogger all right. That could be a good sign, but it adds to the mystery of why the previous posts were getting cut off. I know that you were doing something different, where you had subscribed to your WordPress blog using the email address of your Blogger blog. That would give you the results that you were getting. Have you gotten rid of that process?

      3. Just got some help today from the nice folks at WordPress. In my reading settings there was a radio button set to excerpt. The simulcasting algorithm works now!

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