The latest Molly Barda adventure, Molly Barda and the Blessed Event, is right on schedule. I just finished the first draft, which is now just over 60,000 words. After the second round through I expect it to end up right around 65,000 words. Here’s the progress of the Molly Barda series to date:

Prequel: The Case of the Defunct Adjunct Complete, undergoing review
Book One: The Musubi Murder Audiobook released. Hardcover coming out August 5.
Book Two: The Cursed Canoe Tentatively scheduled for 2016 release.
Book Three: Molly Barda and the Black Thumb Complete
Book Four: Molly Barda and the Invasive Species Complete
Book Five: Molly Barda and the Blessed Eve First draft finished.

For The Blessed Event, I’m following the Author Marketing Institute’s Four Books a Year plan:

Full outline by Day 14 -DONE
First draft by Day 49 -DONE
Second draft by Day 56
Submit to editor by Day 63. (I’m still working on finding an editor that can give me a one-week turnaround.)
Re-submit for second pass by Day 73
Ready for publication on Day 90





THE MUSUBI MURDER August 2015 Amazon / B&N /Powell’s /Audible / iTunes


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