Update: Finished Molly Barda and the Blessed Event! #amwriting

Molly Barda and the Blessed Event is Book Five of the Molly Barda Mysteries. I really had fun with this one. Characters are evolving and maturing, and at the same time, being their own unique selves.



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Mystery Author Frankie Bow

For the newest Molly Barda mystery (tentative title: Molly Barda and the Blessed Event), I’m trying the Write a Book in 90 Days method as recommended on the Author Marketing Institute’s site.

Author Portrait

The schedule looks like this:

Full outline by Day 14
First draft by Day 49
Second draft by Day 56
Submit to editor by Day 63
Re-submit for second pass by Day 73
Publish on Day 90

If all goes according to plan, I’ll have the finished product by fall semester.

The first two weeks are focused on outlining. To add a little more structure to this exercise (I love structure!), I based my outline on  Jami Gold’s Master Beat Sheet template, which in turn builds on Blake Snyder’s Save the Cat and Story Engineering by Larry Brooks.

I also did an illustrated character table. It’s helpful to me to have a “real” person to refer to…

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