A graduate student from Hawaii rents out Ida Belle’s spare bedroom so he can spend a few weeks in Sinful, Louisiana to finish his fieldwork.

Fortune worries that Ida Belle’s inquisitive new roommate might blow her cover. Instead, he makes a disturbing discovery–and unleashes forces that will go to any lengths to protect Sinful’s darkest secret.

Meanwhile, Fortune’s love life is as complicated as ever.

Sinful Science Cover5

I hoped my protective feelings toward Deputy Sheriff Carter LeBlanc weren’t too obvious. Against all of my training and better judgment, I’d done the one thing an undercover operative is never supposed to do: I’d gotten romantically involved. Things hadn’t progressed very far yet. Just a couple of dates, an innocent kiss, and me saving his life once or twice. On the plus side, Carter was handsome, goodhearted, and apparently attracted to me. On the minus side, I was living in Sinful under someone else’s identity, so our entire relationship was founded on a lie.

I’m grateful to Jana DeLeon for opening her hilarious Miss Fortune world to other authors via Kindle Worlds. I had a lot of fun in Sinful, Louisiana and I’m already planning to go back.


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