In Which Emma Nakamura Happens to See Her Best Friend Molly’s Private Journal, and Addresses a Terrible Misunderstanding

Hey, Cozy Wednesday readers. This is Emma Nakamura, Molly Barda’s best friend. We both teach at Mahina State University, in Mahina, Hawai`i. I teach intro bio, and she’s in the College of Commerce, poor thing. Yeah, I know you never heard of Mahina State. Neither did Molly, before she moved here. Our motto is “Where Your Future Begins Tomorrow.”

Mahina State Mouse Pad

So like I said, Molly’s my best friend, and I don’t wanna talk stink about her, but I gotta say, sometimes she misunderstands my good intentions. You ever heard the expression, “no good deed goes unpunished?” Yeah, that’s me. For example, I unselfishly fixed her up with my brother Jonah…

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