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Haunted houses are scary enough without knife-wielding clowns. Especially murderous knife-wielding clowns. So thinks Ellison Russell, single mother, artist, and reluctant sleuth.

The most likely culprit is disgruntled real estate agent Flora Curtival, whose issues with the town give her a motive. But when Flora is murdered and one of Rory’s toy rabbits is found with the body, Rory needs all the luck she can get while trying to determine just who killed the superstitious vandal. 

Q: Today we have artist and amateur sleuth Ellison Russell as our guest. Ellison, tell our readers a little bit about yourself–maybe something they might not guess?

A: Most readers will guess that I drink an insane amount of coffee. Some may even surmise I drink a fair amount of wine. What no one may guess is that I adore Tab with lime.

Q: Who’s the character you get along with the best? 

A: I get along well with Libba. We share a love of coffee, and a deep and abiding dislike of raisins, and a taste for wine. We also love to shop. This season boots and coats top my want list. In fact, there’s a coat in the window at Hall’s Plaza I want more than coffee—and that’s saying something.

Q:  Which other character do you have a conflict with?

Mother and I have been known to cross swords. She remains convinced that I’m a teenager trapped in a middle-aged woman’s body and that only she can steer me in the right direction—namely into Hunter Tafft’s waiting arms. Of late, she takes strong objection to my finding bodies. That I don’t find them on purpose (really, who would go look for a body?) makes no never-mind to Mother.

Q:  Just between you and me: What do you really think of your author?

A: My author? She needs to sleep more, drink less coffee, cut out chocolate, and find her gym shoes!

Q: What’s next for you?

A: I’ll be back in May, when—much to Mother’s dismay—my decorator is murdered while measuring for new carpet!


About The Author  

Julie Mulhern is a Kansas City native who grew up on a steady diet of Agatha Christie. She spends her spare time whipping up gourmet meals for her family, working out at the gym and finding new ways to keep her house spotlessly clean is an expert at calling for take-out, she grumbles about walking the dog, and the dust bunnies under the bed have grown into dust lions.

Julie Mulhern

Her first romance, A Haunting Desire, was a finalist in the 2014 Golden Heart® contest.

The Deep End is her first mystery and winner of The Sheila Award.


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