Character Interview and chance to #win: Yankee Tenacity by Jocie McCade

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Emme Mayson and Jackie Dickson are pulled into another murder investigation when a man dressed in a kilt falls from the sky onto their truck.

As if a dead body isn’t enough, FBI Special Agent Chris Meechum and sexy caretaker Sam Fender try to rein in their sleuthing, but the sisters are determined to solve this murder. Men in kilts, Renaissance Faires, and a few mobsters in all the wrong places complicate the case.

Emme Mayson is a Southern charmer from Alabama. Jackie Dickson is a straight-forward professional from Boston, they aren’t exactly a match made in heaven. The only thing keeping them from starting another war between the states is the mystery surrounding their parents, and their own lives.

Q: Aloha Emme, and welcome to Island Confidential. Can you tell our readers a little bit about yourself–maybe something they might not guess?

A: Howdy! I’m Emme Mayson one of the lead characters in Mayson-Dickson. Although my maybe twin sister would disagree with that. I’m from Scrugg’s Corner, Alabama, a little ol’ town just down the road from Talladega. I love NASCAR and I can work on most cars, I like to work on cars. My daddy was a big race fan, and we bonded under the hood of a car. I miss my dad a lot, so I don’t talk about it much.

I’m an architect, and really love old buildings. I worked designing modern buildings, but my heart wants to remodel centuries old landmarks. Now, after being thrown into this new life, that may never be possible. But that’s alright, I’m a optimist and I roll with life. Plus, I discovered a sister. It don’t get much better than that.

Q: Who’s the character you get along with the best? Why?

A: Well, I do have this soft spot for FBI Agent Chris Meechum. We met over a dead body. Not exactly romantic, but it was certainly memorable. He’s cute, strong, thinks my accent is cute and I really, really want to take things to the next level, (she winks) if you know what I mean? But, I’m still not sure if I trust him, or anyone right now. Jackie and I have to find answers to a lot of questions about our parents. The only man with answers was killed right in front of us.

I reckon I’ll have to take some cold showers for now until we get some things resolved. That’s mighty disappointing.

Q:  Which other character do you have a conflict with? Why?

A: Oh honey, that would be my twin sister Jackie Dickson. Whew, when we met she was all power suit and condescending attitude. She makes fun of my accent, hates NASCAR, really? Who hates NASCAR? Plus, she is rude! Jackie doesn’t realize that being a little nice can really help when you’re trying to get information out of people. I don’t mean to say she doesn’t have good traits, they are just buried deep, way deep. But she’s my sister, so we’ll muddle through, maybe.

Q:  Just between you and me: What do you really think of your author?

A: Jocie? I think she hates me. Twice, (holds up to well manicured fingers, nails painted hot pink) twice, she dropped a dead body on me. Me! Not Jackie. The last time the body fell on Cleo, my brand now pickup. Grrr! That was not nice. I’m guessing she’s a Yankee.

But she did send in Agent Meechum, and Fender, he has a thing for Jackie, so she’s not all bad. And, she let us live in the most gorgeous beach house. Still that ain’t enough to make up for the dead bodies.

Q: What’s next for you?

A: We end this book–wait, Jocie is shaking her head saying I can’t tell you how the book ends. This is a series, and she’s a reader too and hates cliffhangers. The book ends with a murder solved, but Jackie and I are still searching for the truth about our parents and their secret life that threw us into our weird lives.

In the third book, we will be finding out a lot of details….and she won’t let me say anything else. Hey? Do I get to, you know, with Meechum? What does a raised eyebrow mean? See what I mean? I don’t think she likes me.

Q: Emme, thanks for stopping by. 

A: Thank y’all for hosting me today. I had fun and I hope y’all will stop by and read Yankee Tenacity, Book Two of the Mayson-Dickson Mystery series.

About the Author

Jocie McKade is an award winning, Amazon bestselling author of twelve books and novellas. She writes romantic comedies, and humorous cozy mysteries, and has been accused of making readers laugh out loud at inappropriate moments.

Besides writing fun fiction, Jocie pens articles for national publications. The senior news editor for a reader’s news blog, she is part of an award winning production team where she writes video scripts, press releases, and blog posts.

When not writing, she is plotting military maneuvers against hostile dust bunnies.

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