11. Psychopaths and narcissists like bitter tasting foods.

10. Depression is a systemic disease that affects the whole body.

9. Why intense exercise can improve depression.

The good news: There’s hope! The bad news: The “intense exercise” part.

8. Millennials are the most narcissistic generation ever.

According to non-millennials, that is.

7. Underweight women are the most attractive to men.

While a Body Mass Index around 23 is associated with the best reproductive health, men rated a BMI of 19 as most attractive. Maybe this is Nature’s way of telling us we’ve reproduced enough already.

6. Reveal someone’s personality by asking what they think about other people.

It depends; what do I think about which other people?

5. The most reassuring thing you can say to the anxious is “All emotions change.”

4. Emotional responses are most heritable from mother to daughter.

Sorry about that, kids. Go ahead and forward me your therapy bills.

3. Drawing pictures helps your memory.

I’m not doodling; I’m taking notes.

2. Smart people tend to be loners.

I’m not a disagreeable jerk; I’m a genius.

1. Acetaminophen kills empathy.

Make the world a kinder place. Drink bourbon.

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