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When ex-teen star Maizie Albright returns to her Southern hometown of Black Pine, Georgia, she hoped to rid herself of Hollywood tabloid and reality show hell for a new career as a private investigator. Instead, Hollyweird follows her home. Maizie’s costar crushing, but now for her gumshoe boss. Her stage-monster mother still demands screen time. Her latest rival wants her kicked off the set, preferably back to a California prison.

By entangling herself in a missing person’s case, she must reprise her most famous role. The job will demand a performance of a lifetime. But this time, the stakes are real and may prove deadly.

“I was already a huge fan of Larissa Reinhart’s “Cherry Tucker” series, but in her new mystery series, FIFTEEN MINUTES, she had me at the end of the first line: “Donuts.” Maizie Albright is the kind of fresh, fun, and feisty “star detective” I love spending time with, a kind of Nancy Drew meets Lucy Ricardo. Move over, Janet Evanovich. Reinhart is my new “star mystery writer!” — Penny Warner, Author of DEATH OF A CHOCOLATE CHEATER and THE CODE BUSTERS CLUB

“Hollywood glitz meets backwoods grit in this fast-paced ride on D-list
celeb Maizie Albright’s waning star—even as it’s reborn in a spectacular
collision with her nightmarish stage mother, her
deer-pee-scented-apparel-inventing daddy…and a murderer. Sassy, sexy, and
fun, 15 Minutes is hours of enjoyment—and a wonderful start to a fun new
series from the charmingly Southern-fried Reinhart.”
— Phoebe Fox, author of THE BREAKUP DOCTOR series

“Larissa Reinhart’s newest heroine, Maizie Albright, is at once naïve and worldly. As a former child star, she craves life in the real world by becoming a PI, just like the TV character that made her famous. Armed with humor, charm, and stubborn determination, Maizie is a breath of fresh air. I adored every second of 15 Minutes. Viva la Maizie!” — Terri L. Austin, bestselling author of the ROSE STRICKLAND MYSTERIES and the NULL FOR HIRE series.

Q: Maizie, thanks for stopping by Island Confidential. Can you tell our readers a little bit about yourself?

Thanks so much for taking the time to interview me. When you’ve grown up on TV like I have, it seems like everyone already knows so much about Maizie Albright. Everyone loves celebrity news, right? Before my big break on Kung Fu Kate at age nine, I’d been on countless commercials and ads, so my face was already recognizable. And starring role on a hit show like Julia Pinkerton, Teen Detective, really felt like everyone knew me. Everyone and no one, but that’s the life of an actor, right? Just ask my manager, Vicki.

Or better yet, my therapist.

But even when I was plastered all over the tabloids, headlined entertainment blogs, and on a reality show, All is Albright, I was holding on to a deeply secreted ambition. Finally, I’ve been able to fulfill it. Sort of. Leaving Hollywood and the celebrity life behind—thanks to Judge Ellis’s probation requirements that goal’s been forced into realization which is how I ended up back in Georgia and living with my father—was part of it, but the actual dream was to become Julia Pinkerton for real.

Without the cheerleader costume.

Which was why I majored in Criminal Justice at So Cal during the filming of All is Albright. And why, now that I’m back in Black Pine, Georgia, I’ve forced myself upon Wyatt Nash of Nash Security Solutions as an assistant. At least I hope to become his assistant. I need two years of mentoring before I can license my own private investigations office. I also need to secure a job and W-4 in 10 days for my probation requirements. So ten days to prove my worth. Which started with surveillance of Mr. Nash’s client’s wife. A wife I just lost.

Or she lost herself and I just can’t find her.

Or something else happened to her.

So that’s probably something your readers might not know…

I guess this dream could come crashing down in a few, so maybe it’s better if they don’t tell anyone about it. Although, the paparazzi does tend to sniff out these big crashes pretty quickly, don’t they?

Q: Who’s the character you get along with the best? 

It’s been a long time since I’ve lived in Black Pine, Georgia. Actually, Vicki moved me to California when I was a preschooler, so a real long time, although I did spend my summers with Daddy. I don’t know a lot of people here other than Daddy, his wife Carol Lynn, and my adorably ornery, six-year-old step-sister, Remi (named after Daddy’s favorite hunting gun). But I did meet these two girls, Tiffany and Rhonda, at LA HAIR.  Met them when Nash wanted me to deliver a subpoena to Tiffany, which didn’t turn out so well at first, but we get along great now.

Q:  Which other character do you have a conflict with? 

I wouldn’t say Mr. Nash, because our conflict is unresolved feelings, at least on my part and maybe his, I hope, and that’s a conflict that could be mutually beneficial…wait, what?

Right, conflict. Mr. Nash’s ex-wife, Jolene Sweeney. She’s part-owner of Nash Security Solutions and for some reason, she “hates my guts.” She’s kind of…well, beautifully bitchy?

Although my ex-therapist, Renata, would say the source of all my conflicts is Vicki. That’s just a fall-back conflict if you need another one. If that one gets resolved, it could do a lot for helping my metabolism.

Q:  Just between you and me: What do you really think of your author?

She’s like the directors who set up the scene but lets you figure out how to best draw out the character’s feelings and actions. I don’t hear from her much unless she makes me do the scene over.

Q: What’s next for you?

My next role—I mean next assignment—is in 16 MILLIMETERS, which should open—I mean release—sometime later in 2017. In 16 MILLIMETERS, I get to babysit an actress who’s more of a hot mess than I was. She’s been contracted for a big blockbuster that’s being filmed in Black Pine and insurance dictates she needs watching over. Her producer hired me, I mean Nash Security Solutions, to make sure she doesn’t screw up the production schedule. However, when I went to her cottage at Black Pine Resort, I thought I saw her dead. But then she wasn’t dead. So was she acting? Or was someone else dead? Talk about a hot mess. I’m due on the set now.

A 2015 Georgia Author of the Year Best Mystery finalist, Larissa writes the Cherry Tucker Mystery series. The first in the series, Portrait of a Dead Guy, is a 2012 Daphne du Maurier finalist, 2012 The Emily finalist, and 2011 Dixie Kane Memorial winner. Her family and Cairn Terrier, Biscuit, now live in Nagoya, Japan, but they still call Georgia home.

You can see them on HGTV’s House Hunters International “Living for the Weekend in Nagoya” episode. Visit her website, find her chatting on Facebook, Instagram, and Goodreads, and sign up for her newsletter at http://smarturl.it/larissanewsletter.

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