Not everything stays buried.

When Betsy, a notorious brown thumb gets roped into a gardening contest sponsored by the Pecan Bayou Gazette, she finds herself digging up more than weeds. She is ridiculed by the garden club ladies, and now her heart breaks for a newly single mom whose world has just collapsed. The Happy Hinter is back so take some time to revisit the cozy little town Pecan Bayou, Texas. Grab a glass of sweet tea before you turn the dirt in the garden and sit a spell with all your favorite characters who dole out heartfelt caring and compassion with a side of humor. Till Dirt Do Us Part includes bonus recipes and helpful hints from Betsy’s column!

Island Confidential: Betsy, welcome! Can you tell our readers a little bit about yourself? 

Betsy Livingston: My name is Betsy Livingston, well Betsy Livingston Fitzpatrick, now. My husband is a meteorologist and when we married he and I both had a boy so what did we do? We had a daughter! I write the Happy Hinter Column for the Pecan Bayou Gazette and give advice and helpful hints.  Somehow though, my life is a lot more involved than getting a stain out or clearing a drain. I’ve stumbled over bodies in a haunted hospital, in a swarm of bees, in the library, by a cowboy fountain and I was even chased by a killer in a hurricane… while in labor. That was a rough day.

Who’s the character you get along with the best?

BL: That would probably be my aunt Maggie. She has always filled in as a mother for me. She is a wonderful person to sit down with and talk out the world’s troubles.  She has a son with Down Syndrome who feels more like a brother than a cousin to me. She isn’t perfect, though, and spends her share of time down at The Best Little Hairhouse in Texas gossiping with Ruby Green, but Ruby is better source of information than the Gazette some days.

Which other character do you have a conflict with?

BL: In Till Dirt Do Us Part I’m competing in a gardening contest, and I’m finding some of those gardeners have thorns. Watch out for old Enid in the book. She’s a prickly pear, for sure.

Q:  Just between you and me: What do you really think of your author?  She’s come a long way with story building and here’s a big secret—she cries when she writes the final scene in every book.

What’s next for you?

BL: Well, I’ll be trying to stay out of trouble. My body count is pretty high these days, but you never know. You can read my column The Happy Hinter in the Pecan Bayou Gazette and I even have a Pinterest Board now. Stop by my author’s website and say hello. She’d love to hear from you.

About The Author  

Teresa Trent writes her Pecan Bayou Mystery Series from Houston, Texas. With a father in the army, her family moved often finally settling in Colorado. Living in Texas for the last 18 years she loves the people and even the weather. Teresa includes Danny, a character with Down Syndrome in her Pecan Bayou family and in real life is the mother of an adult son with Down Syndrome/PDD. Creating the character of Danny and all of the other inhabitants of Pecan Bayou has been a joy for her. Even though she lives in the big city, her writing is influenced by all of the interesting people she finds in small towns and the sense of family that is woven through them all.


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