Asked to accompany Mrs. Roosevelt on her Pacific Island tour, Agnes and Katherine travel by train to Washington, D.C. Agnes carries a package for Colonel Farthingworth to President Roosevelt.

Convinced the package contains secret war documents, Agnes expects Nazi spies to try and derail her mission.

She meets Irving, whose wife mysteriously disappears from the train; Nanny, the unfeeling caregiver to little Madeline; two soldiers bound for training as Tuskegee airmen; and Charles, the shell-shocked veteran, who lends an unexpected helping hand. Who will Agnes trust? Who is the Nazi spy?

When enemy forces make a final attempt to steal the package in Washington, D.C., Agnes must accept her own vulnerability as a warrior on the home front.

Can Agnes overcome multiple obstacles, deliver the package to the President, and still meet Mrs. Roosevelt’s plane before she leaves for the Pacific Islands?

Mrs. Odboddy: Undercover Courier is a hysterical frolic on a train across the United States during WWII, as Agnes embarks on this critical mission.

Island Confidential: Mrs. Odboddy, welcome back to Island Confidential! Would you mind introducing yourself to our new readers?

Agnes Odboddy: My name is Agnes Agatha Odboddy. I live with my granddaughter, Katherine, and my Siamese cat, Ling-Ling. Generally I keep busy volunteering, and keep my eyes open for Nazi spies. I’m sure you know every citizen must be on the look-out for miscreants and conspiracies that try to undermine the war effort.

During WWI, I worked as an undercover agent for the USA. That’s why Colonel Farthingworth thought it would raise less suspicion to have me carry this package to President Roosevelt, since we’re headed to the Capitol anyway. We plan to accompany Mrs. Roosevelt on her Pacific Island Tour.

Katherine and I will cross the country by train from California to Washington. Now you mark my words. I fully expect to deal with Nazi agents along the way, as I’m sure the package contains secret war documents.

Who’s the character you get along with the best?

AO: Katherine is my late son’s daughter. After she lost her fiancé at Pearl Harbor, she moved in with me and went to work as a beautician at Curls to Dye For. She also does the hair and make-up at the Whistlemeyer Mortuary. She has beautiful red hair like me. And no…I don’t dye my hair…. Only fast women and European spies dye their hair. I keep my natural color by freshening it with a special henna shampoo.

Which character do not get along with so well?

AO: Once we get on the train, it becomes fairly obvious that fancy-man, Irving, is a Nazi spy and after my package. The only way he’ll get it is over my dead body! Katherine says that’s what she worried about, but he doesn’t scare me. I brought my WWI service pistol and I know how to use it. Now, if I can just remember which suitcase I put it in…

Just between you and me: What do you really think of your author Elaine?

AO: She’s the cat’s meow! Literally! I’m not her first literary fictional creation, you know. She wrote three cozy cat mysteries before the Mrs. Odboddy series. She writes a pretty good story…long on humor, adventure and mystery…as long as I keep telling her what to say.

What’s next for you?

AO: My third adventure is already completed. Mrs. Odboddy –And Then There Was a Tiger, to be published sometime next year. Yes. There is a real, live, breathing tiger, and he plays into an exciting tale of counterfeit money, a county fair, and someone determined to destroy Mrs. Odboddy’s stellar reputation. If I only knew who was behind it…but in the meantime, I know you’ll enjoy a hysterical romp across the country with me as I match wits with a train full of suspicious characters.


Elaine is a member of Sisters in Crime, Inspire Christian Writers and Cat Writers Association. She lives in No. Calif with her husband and four house cats (the inspiration for her three humorous cozy cat mysteries, Black Cat’s Legacy, Black Cat and the Lethal Lawyer, and Black Cat and the Accidental Angel).
Mrs. Odboddy’s character is based in no way on Elaine’s quirky personality. Two more Mrs. Odboddy adventures will publish in the near future. Many of Elaine’s short stories have appeared in magazines and multiple anthologies.

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