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Julienne has her ideal job as an event planner at a prestigious resort. During a luncheon event she coordinated, a renowned celebrity pastor is killed next to the buffet. All eyes turn to her as the suspect. If she wants to stay out of jail or even keep her job, Julienne needs all the help she can get to solve the crime.

She has her work cut out for her with a vengeful high school rival now reporter, the public demanding she be fired, plus family who knows what’s best for her, and a boyfriend who doesn’t understand her. She turns to friends and a new ally to uncover who wanted to put the pastor on ice.

Julienne goes undercover and investigates a local swingers group as she follows the trail of clues before they go cold. Can she gather enough suspects and motives to convince the police to widen their investigation? Can she do it before the killer sets his murderous sights on her? Will her personal life ever be as simple as unveiling a murderer?

Interview with Avery Daniels

Avery, welcome to Island Confidential. Can you tell us something about Julienne, the protagonist of Iced?

Julienne LaMere, or Julie for short, lost her mother to Breast Cancer as a young teen. Her father, who made good money and is retired in Florida now, wants to see her married to a well-to-do man and living a country club life and providing grandchildren for him to spoil – not working for a living. Julienne still misses her mother deeply and works at a luxury resort in a management-training program because this is her ticket to live and work around the world. She has wanderlust and doesn’t want to live in just one place, and not just vacation and sightsee exotic locations – but live there. She has many posters and books about resorts everywhere and this is her dream career. The series will follow her to resorts. As for providing grandchildren for her father to spoil, she isn’t inclined towards that either.

How much are you like Julienne? 

I took clarinet lessons as an adult and am nowhere near as good as Julienne who is symphony quality. The townhome complex where Julienne lives is loosely inspired by where I live. Her French heritage is perhaps my wishing I had grown up with more of the French culture from my great-great grandmother who came to America from the Alsace-Lorraine area of France, but sadly didn’t pass down any of the culture or language. I took French in high school and college and in 2010 finally got to travel to Paris for ten days. I was in Notre Dame Cathedral Christmas day and spent an entire day at the Louvre, but only made it through about 65% of the museum.

I think Julienne and I would be friends. She enjoys people, which makes her good at her job. She is a loyal friend, as we find out in this first book in the series.

Will your characters change and evolve throughout consecutive books in the series?

Absolutely. Even in this first book we see Julienne face some issues left from her mother’s passing when she was an impressionable teen and how it has impacted her romantic relationships.

Have you ever thought of killing someone that you know in real life–on the pages of a murder mystery, I mean?

It is a joke among mystery authors and considered therapeutic. I am planning on getting the t-shirt that says “I’m a writer. Be careful or I may kill you in my next book.” Yes, such a shirt already exists. But seriously, only after the last bad relationship breakup have I considered it. Friends joke about how they can guess who the victim is in some future book.

How realistic is your setting? Do you take liberties, or are you true to life?

The setting in Iced, the first of the Resort to Murder series, is a large mountain resort in Colorado Springs. It is inspired by the Broadmoor Hotel and Resort. I have taken only a few liberties and changed the name to be the Colorado Springs Resort. This stunning and glamorous resort is in my backyard and I grew up visiting the grounds. The lake was open to the public to feed the ducks and walk around, but it has since been closed off. The Broadmoor has many shops and is still open to the public, you just have to go through the hotel to access the lake currently.

For the next book in the series, Nailed, I am planning on using the Sonnenalp Hotel, a five star Bavarian style resort in Vail, as the setting. I will sadly be forced to go visit for research. I may have to fudge a few details to work the plot though – they will be snow bound for a few days!

When the movie or TV series is made, who plays the major parts?

I always envisioned Julienne as Connie Seleca in her twenties – I’m not sure of a similar looking actress today. Suggestions? For Mason, I describe him in the book as a cross between a young Hugh Jackman and Aidan Turner (Poldark Actor). For the movie or TV series I can go with Aidan Turner, twist my arm.

What’s the worst and best advice you’ve heard or received as an author?

That is a tough question. I have taken writing classes that focus on everything from plot development, character development and arcs, sizzling dialog, description and setting, theme, and on and on…but the best advice is to look at what I love in the books I read now (which every successful author reads a lot.) Not to copycat, but to learn from those authors. How do they pace and build the suspense, draw out the tension between romantic interests, drop the subtle clues of the murderer?

The worst advice is not to worry about details or editing, yes some out there think that it ruins the creative flow captured in your first draft. Another worst piece of advice is to have anybody you know (whether they know and like the genre you are writing) to be beta readers or critique partners and work to please them. I am fortunate to have two great critique partners who understand the cozy mystery genre and give constructive insights, then leave the rest to me.

About The Author

Avery Daniels was born and raised in Colorado, graduated from college with a degree in business administration and has worked in fortune 500 companies and Department of Defense her entire life.  Her most eventful job was apartment management for 352 units (plenty of fodder for stories there!).  She still resides in Colorado with two brother black cats as her loving companions.  She volunteers for a cat shelter, enjoys scrapbooking and card making, photography, and painting in watercolor and acrylic.  She inherited a love for reading from her mother and grandmother and grew up talking about books and history at the dinner table.  Her first try at writing a fully developed story was as a teen was a tale of a girl trying to nurse a fawn back to health and then release it into the wild again.  She is plotting her next Resort to Murder novel and struggling over which Colorado resort should be her setting.

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