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January: To solve the mystery of a disappearing corpse, Mary-Alice has to endure a visit to the Swamp Bar (where decent ladies don’t go) and battle her vindictive cousin, Mayor Celia Arceneaux. Will her gentle temper and unshakable faith in human nature endure?  

The Vanishing Victim

February: Mary-Alice Arceneaux just got a big surprise for her 70th birthday–a trip to Hawaii, courtesy of young Fortune Morrow. But with bounty hunters on their trail, and family secrets lurking in the unlikeliest of places, the southernmost state has a few more surprises in store.  

Aloha, Y’all

 March: Professor Gwendolyn Jackson’s husband sends her a voice mail from the road, telling her he’ll be home soon. Just one problem…by the time the message was sent, he was already dead. When the police dismiss her concerns, Professor Jackson turns to her former student, Fortune Morrow, for help.  

The Two-Body Problem

 April: Mary-Alice is thrilled to be invited into an investigation into a series of disappearances in Upstate New York. but by the time she arrives at the forbidding Kilmer House where she will spend the night, she realizes she may be in over her head.  Black Widow Valley

Black Widow Valley

 May:  Mahina State’s fundraising office tasks Professor Molly to serve as the personal tutierge (that’s tutor-concierge) to Jeremy Brigham, whose mother happens to be fabulously wealthy and gravely ill. But once inside the Brigham House, the pregnant Professor Molly realizes something is very wrong. Now she has to decide whether to mind her own business, or risk everything to prevent a murder.  

Mother’s Day

June:  When a young woman vanishes from a roadside motel, Mary-Alice and the gang leave Sinful and head across the border to find her. They soon discover that the unprepossessing McCully Inn holds some Texas-sized secrets.  

The No-Tell Motel

July’s novella is Vampire Billionaire of the Bayou.

The Sinful Ladies’ Detective Agency has just scored a cushy gig: Doing surveillance for a businessman who claims business rivals are after his trade secrets. But just as Fortune, Gertie, Ida Belle, and Mary-Alice are deciding how to spend their easy money, the unthinkable happens.

The Sinful Ladies team up with Sheriff Robert E. Lee, who wants to prove he’s not quite ready for the glue factory. Together, they discover that a bizarre death in a haunted plantation house is far from the strangest thing about this case.

In this modern adaptation of the classic tale The Circular Study, the Sinful ladies encounter ghostly rumors, an unspeakable family secret, and a strangely ageless corpse with a cross draped over his chest.

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