If reading a book is like taking a vacation, why not include a souvenir?

The Musubi Murder + The Maritime Club

A mystery and a matching mug!

The Maritime Club isn’t terribly fancy, but nothing in Mahina is fancy. The weather-beaten little clubhouse is perpetually in need of a new paint job. The bill of fare probably hasn’t been updated since 1952, good news for fans of split pea soup and baked Alaska.

Molly and Emma like to spend a seaside happy hour at the Maritime Club. Usually on Monday afternoons, because that’s when you need happy hour the most.

The Blessed Event + Chang’s Pizza Pagoda

Chang’s Pizza Pagoda has been serving Mahina’s favorite international cuisine since 1964. It also plays a key role in The Blessed Event.

The Chang’s Pizza Pagoda baseball shirt is made of soft, comfortable cotton and is available in a range of sizes.

The Perfect Body + The Pair-O-Dice Bar and Grille

“The Pair-O-Dice has its own time zone.” Emma pointed to the darkened window. “Once we’re on this side of the neon sign, it’s eternal happy hour.”

The Pair-O-Dice Bar & Grille is one of Emma and Molly’s favorite retreats for planning and plotting, mainly because there are rarely any other customers. The real mystery is how the Pair-O-Dice manages to stay in business.

If a flask isn’t quite your thing, you can get the Pair-O-Dice design on a t-shirt, a tote, or a mug.

The Perfect Body

Daisy’s Story + Alice Mongoose and Alistair Rat in Hawaii

Daisy’s Story and Alice Mongoose and Alistair Rat are the first-in-series of sweet, uplifting stories of friendship and family, for children of all ages.