Four Fancy Ways to use Spam

When I moved to Hawaii, it took me a while to warm up to Spam. It wasn’t in my house when I was growing up, and trying a new meat product as an adult is a daunting proposition.

But it’s hard to avoid Spam when you live here.

From Spam musubis (which look like giant sushi rolls).


to Spam locos (on a pile of rice with egg and gravy),

(Source: Wikipedia)

Hormel’s handy potted meat product is everywhere. In fact, Hawaii leads the nation in Spam consumption, with an average of six cans per year consumed per resident.

Eventually I did try a Spam musubi—and liked it a lot more than I thought I would. Spam isn’t rubbery or full of gristle as I’d feared. Instead, it fries up to a nice crispy exterior with a soft interior. I’ve embraced Spam with the typical zeal of the convert, and it’s my privilege and pleasure to share a few Spam tips with you.

1) Spam sticks

A Spam slicer will make this much easier.

Slice the Spam, turn it sideways, and slice it again to make matchsticks. Fry it in coconut or peanut oil until crisp.

(Slicer and Spam Sticks Photos:

Delicious, and perfect if your sodium levels need replenishing.

2) Add flavor to nachos

(Photo: Waikiki Spam Jam)

3) Use as moisturizer in a pinch.

Rub a slice of Spam on dry skin. The oils will soothe the epidermis, and the enticing, meaty aroma is an all-day bonus!


4) Art.

This Spam relief map of Hawaii was created by Jenna Turner at National Geographic. Photograph by Rebecca Hale.

Photo: National Geographic

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