Mary-Alice Moves In. #SampleSunday

Mary-Alice Moves In

Mary-Alice Arceneaux has decided to make her home in Sinful! Mayor Celia’s sweet-natured and curious cousin is eager to settle into small-town life after moving from the big city (Mudbug, Louisiana). But before Mary-Alice can even unpack her bags, a man of the cloth dies under mysterious circumstances, a device with strange powers turns up in the glove box of her Oldsmobile 88, and her new friends, Ida Belle, Gertie, and young Fortune, are behaving oddly…even for Baptists.


“I hope you have some good news for us, Mary-Alice,” Gertie said.

“Well, in fact, I do…good news for me, anyway,” Mary-Alice said. “After losing my house in Mudbug, I decided to move to Sinful.”

With a twinkle, she added, “And what a nice surprise it was to find out that I’ll be neighbors with a famous author!”

“Really?” Ida Belle asked. “Who?”

Gertie dealt her a punch in the arm. “Me, Ida Belle. She’s talking about me.”

“I bought Passion’s Promise at the book shop yesterday, Gertie,” Mary-Alice said, “and I’m very much looking forward to reading it. Why, I didn’t even realize it was you at first.”

“No kidding,” Ida Belle said. “That photo you got on the back is about a hundred years old.”

“Don’t exaggerate, Ida Belle. It’s from the nineties.”

“Is it? Well, that explains the barbershop quartet in the background.”

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This story is a licensed work in Jana DeLeon’s Miss Fortune world.