“Sorry, Miss Pfaff, I didn’t mean to gush. But I do love Alice Mongoose!”

“It’s true,” Emma said. “Molly’s a huge fangirl. She wore her Alice the Mongoose t-shirt till it got all full of pukas, and now she sleeps in it.”

“It’s Alice Mongoose, Emma, not Alice the Mongoose. It’s not Peter the Rabbit, right?”

Marshall murmured something and steered Miss Dorothy Pfaff away from us and toward a canapé-bearing waiter.

The Invasive Species

With her hatbox and steamer trunk all packed and her employment letter in hand, Alice Mongoose was looking forward to her first grownup job on a Hamakua sugar plantation. Imagine her shock when she learned that her job was to kill rats!

Alice was not a killer. She knew that this was not the job for her. She disembarked and, carrying her hatbox and dragging her steamer trunk, went to look for a place to stay.

The first friendly creature she met was Alistair Rat. Fortunately, Alistair was nearsighted and too vain to wear spectacles, so he did not realize that Alice was a mongoose. Rather than run away in terror, Alistair invited Alice in for tea.

Alice Mongoose and Alistair Rat

Alice Mongoose and Alistair Rat became neighbors and best friends, and had adventures together on the Hamakua Coast of the Big Island of Hawaii.