Half of recent college graduates are either unemployed or underemployed.

Thanks to automation, outsourcing, and a shift from permanent to temporary workers, there are more unemployed people than there are job openings. Worse, the official unemployment number doesn’t count those who have given up or run out of unemployment benefits.

No, You Can't be an Astronaut front cover with sad astronaut

I’ve counseled many students who found themselves about to graduate with no idea of what to do next. Their teachers and high school counselors had encouraged them to follow their dreams. But they discovered that following your dreams is no way to make a living.

This book is for them.

Unhelpful Platitudes.
Unhelpful advice. Source: Your High School Counselor.

No, you can’t be an Astronaut is a practical guide for both first-time jobseekers and midlife career changers. This book includes the latest job market data, organizational research, and useful self-assessment tools.

No, you can’t be an Astronaut will help you to cultivate your planning, job search, and interview skills so that you can launch your best career.