It’s not nice to fool Mother Nature.

On the way to interviewing a local farmer, Professor Molly stumbles onto a dismembered body in a field of genetically modified papayas. Molly is sure the murder has nothing to do with her new research project…until a second gruesome death rocks Mahina’s farming community, and Molly’s administration drops her research like a hot potato. If Molly can’t root out the bad apples, not only will her tenure case go pear-shaped…she might end up pushing up daisies.

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Book Club discussion questions:

If you could hear the story from another character’s point of view, which one would you choose?

In what ways did Mahina remind you of someplace you’ve been?

Do you think Molly’s actions in trying to achieve tenure were justified? If not, what should she have done?

Which character reminds you of someone you know?

When have you felt like an “invasive species?”

(h/t BookRiot)

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