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This 6-book Sweet Cozy Mystery series features out-of-work actresses living in western North Carolina employed by a Personal Mourning firm. Each actress stumbles upon a mystery during the job they work and must work to solve it. Pre-order the complete set to not only save $10 (that’s like getting 2 books for free), and get the full set on November 2.

GUEST POST: The Worst Possible Cocktail Party by Mindy Quigley

Say I’ve written a bit of dialogue that’s outrageously clever, full of nimble-minded wordplay and athletic leaps of language. I’ve peppered each sentence with ten-dollar words and Oscar Wilde-esque wit. But when I examine this brilliant bit of dialogue using the cocktail party nutcase test, I may realize that, it is a clear example of the high-strung woman cornering the unsuspecting partygoer.